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When you purchase a home, you are investing in more than a dwelling with a foundation, four walls, and a roof. A home is a physical representation of the life you want to lead and the hopes you have for your new life. At HomePointe Realty, our team of expert salespersons are committed to making your journey to homeownership as smooth as possible.

Whether buying a new home or renovating, it should be fun and exciting. Either way we are extremely knowledgeable in the building process. We recognize the issues that need to be addressed in order to get a home started and keep it progressing smoothly. We anticipate potential obstacles, ask the difficult questions so you don’t have to, and guide you through the entire design and building process, from start to finish.

We’ll talk you through the building process of 1) meeting with the builder or the sales team that represent the builder, 2) choosing the specific location and/or home site, and 3) guiding you through the available options for your beautiful new home. We will dedicate our time and resources to clarifying every issue. You won’t progress to the next step until you are completely comfortable and satisfied.

If you never considered new construction and renovating, or this is the path you’ve always wanted to take, our personalized service will guide you through the initial stages through closing!

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Whatever home looks like to you, we’re here to make it happen.